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Elementary School
École Primaire



Grade 1 [B6601:2019-07-09]
Grade 2 [B6600:2019-07-09]
Grade 2-3 split [B6599:2019-07-09]
Grade 3 [B6597:2019-07-09]
Grade 3 French [B6598:2019-07-09]
Grade 4 and 5 [B6596:2019-07-09]
Grade 4 to 6 French 2018 19 [B6595:2019-07-09]
Grade 6 [B6594:2019-07-09]
KINDERGARTEN [B6602:2019-07-09]
Other News
Pre-K & K Transitions [B184:2019-08-21]

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Word of the Day: BEHEMOTH
Definition: (noun) Someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful.

Synonyms: colossus, goliath, monster, giant.

Usage: Little Nick was surprisingly excited as the trainers lifted him onto the elephant, and he showed no fear as he rode the behemoth around the ring.

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