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Elementary School
École Primaire



Barnard Roycroft, Steffy  Supervisor
Lomma, Annalisa  Daycare daycare
Richer, Lise  Supervisor
Masse, Ghyslaine Administration School Secretary
Moore, Mrs. Karen Administration Principal Principal
LeMartret, Annaïck French Teacher Cycle 2 & 3
O'Keefe, Susan Resource Resource
Motard, Lyne Student Support Attendant
Desjardins, Lucie Support Caretaker
Desmarteaux, Donna Support Supervisor librarian, behaviour technician, supervision, daycare
DiLillo, Maria Support Teacher Daycare Technician | Support
Chouinard, Louiselle Teacher Teacher French | Teacher
Giampaolo, Josée Teacher Teacher Grade 2 | Teacher
Graham, Debbie Teacher Teacher Grade 6 | Teacher
Luk, Candy Teacher Teacher Grade 4/5
Nickerson, Gail Teacher Teacher Grade 1 | Teacher
O'Connor, Jaime Teacher Teacher Kindergarten | Teacher
Ridgway, Peter Teacher Teacher Grade 4/Phys. Ed. | Teacher
Heimrath, Erik Cycle 1 Teacher
Hebert, Cynthia Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Sergi, Monique Cycle 2 Teacher Teacher Grade 3
Sivilla, Bianca Cycle 2 Teacher
Bouchard, Catherine Kindergarten Teacher

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