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Elementary School
École Primaire



Barnard Roycroft, Steffy  Supervisor
Bouchard, Catherine Kindergarten Teacher
Chouinard, Louiselle Teacher Teacher French | Teacher
Desjardins, Lucie Support Caretaker
Desmarteaux, Donna Support Supervisor librarian, behaviour technician, supervision, daycare
DiLillo, Maria Support Teacher Daycare Technician | Support
Giampaolo, Josée Teacher Teacher Grade 2 | Teacher
Graham, Debbie Teacher Teacher Grade 6 | Teacher
Hebert, Cynthia Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Heimrath, Erik Cycle 1 Teacher
LeMartret, Annaïck French Teacher Cycle 2 & 3
Lomma, Annalisa  Daycare daycare
Luk, Candy Teacher Teacher Grade 4/5
Masse, Ghyslaine Administration School Secretary
Moore, Mrs. Karen Administration Principal Principal
Motard, Lyne Student Support Attendant
Nickerson, Gail Teacher Teacher Grade 1 | Teacher
O'Connor, Jaime Teacher Teacher Kindergarten | Teacher
O'Keefe, Susan Resource Resource
Richer, Lise  Supervisor
Ridgway, Peter Teacher Teacher Grade 4/Phys. Ed. | Teacher
Sergi, Monique Cycle 2 Teacher Teacher Grade 3
Sivilla, Bianca Cycle 2 Teacher

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Synonyms: taste.

Usage: Her cold had muted all sense of gustation, and she had no appetite for food.

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