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École Primaire



Supplies - Grade 1 List [B7188:2020-07-06]
Supplies - Grade 2 List [B7187:2020-07-06]
Supplies - Grade 3 List [B7186:2020-07-06]
Supplies - Grade 4 and 5 List [B7185:2020-07-06]
Supplies - Grade 6 List [B7184:2020-07-06]
Supplies - Kindergarten List [B7189:2020-07-06]

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Word of the Day: FLINTY
Definition: (adjective) Showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings.

Synonyms: granitic, obdurate, stony.

Usage: He maintained a hard, careless deportment, indicative of neither joy nor sorrow: if anything, it expressed a flinty gratification at a piece of difficult work successfully executed.

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