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École Primaire



grade 1 rev 22 aug [B6039:2018-08-24]
grade 4 and 5 rev aug22 [B6036:2018-08-24]
KINDERGARTEN rev aug22 [B6040:2018-08-24]
Menu October 2018 [B6126:2018-09-13]
REV Aug22 Grade 3 2018-2019 [B6037:2018-08-24]
REV Aug22- GRADE 2 2018 19 [B6038:2018-08-24]
Rev Aug 22 Grade 6 2018 19 [B6034:2018-08-24]
Sept 2018 Calendar [B6113:2018-09-07]
SEPTEMBER 2018 NEWSLETTER [B6064:2018-08-28]
Up-coming events Sept 2018 [B6114:2018-09-07]

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Word of the Day: FROTHY
Definition: (adjective) Emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation.

Synonyms: bubbly, effervescing, spumy, foamy.

Usage: There is nothing better on a balmy summer evening than a frothy ice-cream soda.

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